Monday, October 15, 2012

Mathlete "Focus"

Mathlete is a game that helps kids learn simple math facts.  It has the added benefit of teaching geography and history as a "reward".  Solving simple math questions quickly guides the player across time and space to finish their chosen quest.  Quests consists of a series of stops along history's most notable points.  There are several pre-loaded quests as well as the ability to create custom quests.  Game play is fast-paced and only positive reinforcement is used.

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  1. cool - love the history angle. My son uses a mathletics which they pointed him to at school, but it's kind of abstract - I think integrating the math with something that is meaningful can be key. Was at a very interesting talk last night which included a thing with Jaguar sponsoring a math based simulated F1 race competition in schools. Check out my blog :-)