Monday, November 5, 2012

"Easy Money" review

I played the Easy Money game on the robot overlord site and found it quite enjoyable.

The good:

  • simple interface
  • easy to learn
The not-as-good:
  • not terribly challenging (perhaps the difficulty could increase more rapidly?)
  • response of the physics engine was nice but I did keep wondering why gravity had no effect on the ball
I'll be happy to check back as the game progresses.


  1. when you say that gravity had no effect on the ball, what did you mean? I think the game is a top down view so the ball is always rolling along a flat surface, no?

  2. We go backwards and forwards on whether it is top down or not. Since it's reasonably abstract it doesn't make such a difference, but certainly on our mobile build that uses accelerometer control, it makes a lot more sense to be conceptually top down rather than side scrolling. That said we have played around with adding things like gravity and wind effects that would make it feel more side-on.

    Difficulty is definitely something we are working to tune. I've not had much time lately to work on EM, but we're wanting to implement adaptive difficulty systems and overlay some profiling and player archetypes into our PCG system. We're looking at putting new hazards into the later levels (more tightly constrained paths forcing extra shrinkage, and mines inside hallways as well as rooms)

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to play and thanks for the write-up. We're always delighted to hear what players are thinking!