Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review of Mararitaville on Facebook

Facebook has introduced the world to a whole new level of procrastination.  Not only can we tirelessly and doggedly follow our "friends", we can participate in fun (and not so fun) time-wasting games that suck away our ability to complete anything meaningful in our life.

One of those games is Margaritaville.  I found it to be entertaining in a very simplistic way.  As these games generally go, your character must wander around a Caribbean island looking for tools and totems that found life in the mind of the designer.  I'm sure to the designer there was a logical path from point A to point B but that is not always the case from the player's perspective.

So, to Margaritaville, specifically:


  • Getting started is as simple as going to the link and clicking play
  • Gameplay mechanics are easy to understand
  • Most objects on the screen react/exist intuitively


  • Music is abhorrent
  • Too much help - no time to discover the world on your own without being interrupted by 'help'
  • Must spend a lot of time in the game to progress

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